PROVEN Pomeranian STUD in Brighton Private Breeder

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Location: Brighton
Price: £250

Additional Details

Pets Date of birth 2020/08/17
Is the Dog KC registered? No
Are the vaccinations up to date? Yes


CONFIRMED PREGNANCY OF 5 PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!This beautiful boy is Teddy - BirthDate 17/08/2020He's an orange sable Pomeranian BUT I will add, that he is a Throwback Pomeranian (please look into this) meaning that he is slightly larger than your average 3-4kg poms, he's currently 5.3kg, hence the name throwback, referring to the inner larger spitz. He has a beautiful temperament and is a very loving and excitable boy. He is in perfect health and up to date with all vaccinations. Stud free will be 250 with second visit free. Please do message me if you are interested!I have also attached photos of his mum, dad and him as a pup :)

Puppy Buying Guide:

Adding a pet to your home can be very rewarding , A dog is a very big commitment.You should never buy a dog just because you feel sorry for them.

  • Please consider adopting a rescue dog.
  • Do your research and find out more about the breed of the dog you like.
  • NEVER make the decision to get your new pet on a whim.
  • Make a list of questions to ask by email or phone before you visit .
  • Always Visit the home to purchase a dog.
  • Never transfer the full amount of money before seeing the dog.
  • Never transfer money to Money Gram or Western union as you cannot trace it after it's been sent.
  • Pedigree certificates are not a guarantee for the health condition of a dog.
  • Kennel Club Pedigree papers should have the breeder's name on the certificate.
  • NEVER pay for a KC registered dog if they don't have the certificates to take at the time of purchasing your dog.
  • When you visit the seller make a note of the surroundings eg a house or farm etc.
  • Never go alone or carry cash. If you are happy to buy your new dog ask to make a bank transfer or visit a cash machine.
  • A good breeder will want to know about you and your home.
  • Puppies should not leave their mother until they are at least 8 weeks old.
  • If you are purchasing a puppy you should be able to see the mother.
  • Never buy a puppy that has not got a health letter from a vet.
  • know what type of food the puppy is used to and how much and often they are fed.
  • Ask about the puppies worming program and note when its due again.
  • A puppy should be very friendly and responsive, if not it could be a sign of being unwell.
  • Always get a full receipt for your dog purchase .
  • IMPORTANT if in doubt politely walk away and tell us and your local authority.